Fire Risk Assessment Surveys

On request AFS Passive Systems can carry out a Fire risk assessment Survey to ascertain the fire protection measures present within the building, specifically structural fire protection and fire-stopping in conjunction with the fire drawings for that building.

This includes a visual inspection of the building to identify and confirm the condition of the existing passive/structural fire protection, and providing a summary report of the observations and conclusions on the condition of the fire stopping.

Our surveys are carried out by an AFS Passive System’s supervisor, all of which have completed the Independent Fire Inspections  Fire Stopping Inspection, or Steel Inspection Diplomas. In addition our contracts manager has completed the Fire Manager Certificate, accredited by the Institute of Fire Safety Managers, and is a member of IFSM.

What’s included
  • A comprehensive visual inspection of the existing fire compartmentation provisions; which includes floors, walls, roof voids, basements, floor and ceiling voids, risers and shafts where present
  • An assessment of the condition of compartmentation and subsequent defects in accordance with relevant British Standards, Approved Document B of the Building Regulations and any site-specific fire strategy information made available
  • A clear action plan which outlines locations of defects, photographic evidence and suggested remedial actions to be taken
  • Marking up of existing floor plans (if made available) to indicate the locations of breaches to compartment walls and floors