Intumescent Coatings

Regulations in the UK and EU require a building’s durability to be maintained in the event of a fire.

Fire resistant requirements for a building and its frame are defined in terms of the fire resistant period and is stated in terms of minutes. Intumescent coatings are a fast method of providing structural steel with up to 120 minutes of fire protection, whilst providing a finish similar to paint.

Intumescent coatings remain stable in ambient temperatures, however, in the event of a fire increasing temperatures activate a chemical reaction causing the intumescent coating to expand up to 50 times its original thickness. The reaction and increase in size creates a “char”, an insulating foam-like coating that provides the fire protection to the steel.

Experienced spraying teams

AFS Passive Systems has one of the most experienced spraying teams in Northern Ireland who adhere to a rigorous QA/QC procedure including Environmental checks, DFT sheets, Primer readings and batch numbers alongside a Daily task sheet for spraying. All of this is provided in a tailored report at the end of a project.

  • Up to 120 minutes of structural steel fire protection
  • Decorative finish if required
  • Up to 50 times expansion of initial applied thickness
  • Fast application
  • Experienced, well trained operatives
  • Rigorous QA/QC procedure
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